Skepchick Quickies, 7.23


Jen is a writer and web designer/developer in Columbus, Ohio. She spends too much time on Twitter at @antiheroine.

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  1. Jen said:

    Hmm, but what about the guys? Suggestions from the Skepchick crew?

    I could throw something about Planck lengths out there, but that might be grabbing the low-hanging fruit. Literally.

  2. “approximately 9,000 women die every year in India due to unsafe abortions.”

    what would the bebeh-savers think of that?

  3. Hey, everyone, want to have the “Is organic food really better for you?” discussion again? Why not, right?

    Do you want to take the time to try to explain it to my wife?

  4. I am very skeptical of that organic article re: the cows. See, I’ve driven past what is referred to as “Cowshwitz” (or you could call if DaCow or BuCownwald…) – the feedlot on I-5 at Coalinga, Ca, many times and lemme tell you. Those are not happy cows! Standing in their own manure, cheek to jowl…I don’t know. I would rather just have LESS cow product from happy, healthy cows. The article seems to treat the idea of humane animal treatment as a non-issue.

  5. Optics is that guy you dated part way through college. He seems really easygoing in the first place, but you later found out he was quite two-faced. Fed up with his duality, you left him for thermodynamics.

  6. That McSweeney’s list is quite old. When I was in grad school, I had it posted to my office door. I think I was with Quantum Mechanics then. Now I’m with Analytical Classical Mechanics.

  7. Mr. Whitebird,
    I am sure that you weren’t itentionally making light of the holocaust but it is in poor taste to compare what is happening in a feedlot in California to what happened to humans in concentration camps and deathcamps in Germany.

  8. “What would the bebeh-savers think of that?’

    They would probably think along the lines of “Serves them right for trying to murder their child. They should have known better than to have sex if they didn’t want to die.”

  9. Hmm

    Balistics is the big scary guy. He seems harmless enough until he gets angry then he just scares you to death.

    Civil Engineering is the guy with glasses, he is quiet and stable and really boring at parties but you know he won’t cheat on you and he makes a good living.

    Field zoology is the neo-hipping pot smoking guy who looks like he needs a shower and a comb. He’ll take you hiking and tell you about every bird you see on the way but he won’t go to the mall with you.

  10. Advanced Genetics is your absolute dream girl. Perfect face and perfect body, a trust fund in the 8 figures, an IQ of 150, is currently getting her PhD on an MTV reality show, “I am a supermodel getting a legitimate doctorate at MIT,” has a slight oral fixation that chewing on a pen just can’t seem to cure, and has hobbies including race car driving, working out, and arguing against pseudoscience and relgion on the internet.

    well, my dream girl anyway.

  11. The “Baby’s First Internet” link was great. Now I know what to get a friend for her baby shower.

  12. I want advanced genetics. Now I only need to figure out what to do with my current wife. Maybe we can covert to FLDS.

  13. I’ve found that Cosmology is sort of a swinger. She’s cool with you dating both ofthe Relativity sisters and anyone else who’s willing to share the bed…

  14. “Standing in their own manure, cheek to jowl…I don’t know. I would rather just have LESS cow product from happy, healthy cows.”

    Buy Texas beef. Plenty of space here for our cows.

  15. Rysetn
    I think she was describing a feed lot. Our feed lots look just like what she described. I lived about 15 miles from a feedlot growing up and when the wind was right the odor would make you gag.

    In a different vein, are any of the skeptics in TX and OK anywhere near Wichita Falls. I really want to meet some rational people.

  16. Yeah, I was descriving a feedlot – everyone calls is Cowschwitz…I’m not making light of the Holocaust (I was actually expection someone to get offended by that. What would Larry David say? ), more like pointing out how atrocious the conditions for the cows are using hyperbole. y’know, cause they are like concentration camps, for cows.

    Also, not sure if the “Mr. Whitebird” was a typo since you correctly identified my gender in your later commment (F).

  17. you’re lucky! The smell lingers for like five minutes, and I’m always driving about 75…not sure what the stench radius is based on that, but it’s mega. The sad thing is that just across the freeway(and along most of it) is tons of space.

  18. Statistical physics works in the secretarial pool. She was approachable, and once you understood how to level with her, you found that she was cool, competent and quietly proud of getting the job done. For a couple years, you thought that her social mores dated back to the time when women’s suffrage was a hot news item, but then you found out that string theory comes by on the weekends to tie her and general relativity together on a bed.

  19. Particle Physics is that nerdy guy you were really hot for your junior year. You took him by surprise and he told you you were Beautiful and Charming. Truthfully, your friends thought he was a little Strange, but you didn’t care. In the beginning, the high energy sex was really great – all nighters fueled by caffeine, pizza and Star Trek. Soon, however, the attractive forces between you faded and he started abandoning you in the evening for all nighters of Nethack and Moria. Things were Up and Down for awhile, then you moved on to Solid State.

  20. Re the theories as men:
    The Big Cruch seemed like a really great guy. Looked really good, but he really wasn’t in it for the long haul, and you found out he was a fake.

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