Skepchick Quickies 5.29

By the way, the first two links are Canadian news from our very own Canadian Skepchick, Jill.


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  1. That Craigslist story is appalling.

    I mean, I can get a perfectly good baby from CostCo for 750 bucks. That 10 grand baby better be filled with platinum!

  2. I’ve always wanted to run an experiment about people who claim to be affected by wi-fi signals. It would be pretty easy to set up by putting them in a Faraday cage with a wireless router, and turning the access point on and off at random intervals to see if they notice.

  3. Why won’t people learn. All the 802.11 wi fi spectrum is is a task specific radio signal. Same goes for cell phones. You are in no more danger from those than from your stereo.

  4. My first skepchick cameo, OMGZ! Be still my fangirl heart! I’d like to thank the electromag crazies out west for this fleeting moment of e-fame. :-D

  5. reamsjp, I know that, and you know that, and there’s a whole bunch of people like us who know that. But we both know that there’s a class of lusers out there who know nothing about tech, and defend their ignorance jealously whether they’re mentally capable of comprehending it or not. If you tell them something like “All the 802.11 wi fi spectrum is is a task specific radio signal. ” their response is going to be…

    *blink*… *blink*…

    They just want IT guys like me to fix it, keep it working forever, and don’t bother them with the details. It’s over their head, because the vast majority of them deliberately duck.

  6. The advice for the woman with the apartment with alleged paranormal activity is hilarious.

    I swear I’m not a hippy dippy weirdo, but I’ve read that sage smudging that help drive positive ions out of a house, and sweetgrass smudging can help bring negative ions INTO a house (yes, the negative ones are the GOOD ones!). Google sage smudging and do a bit of reading on it. I have a couple friends who have tried it and thought that the house felt “happier”, “lighter” and “safer” afterwards. Who knows!

    The fact that there are an overwhelming number of responses to that article offering advice on how to deal with a haunting scares me much more than a ghost ever could. Well, one that existed I mean.

  7. My wife did a sage smudging at one of our old apartments. I don’t claim to believe in that sort of thing, but to be fair, I never encountered any ghosts the whole time we lived there.

  8. I would suggest calling a local paranormal research team. Try finding one that is willing to look for other reasons besides it being paranormal (ie plumbing, electrical problems, etc.) Also, many of these teams are willing to try to help spirits move on or bless the house.

    Um, yeah, I’m sure there are “legitimate” de-ghosters who will rule out *all* mechanical/structural possibilities first.

  9. I’m allergic to idiots. Can we ban idiots from public buildings as well? As an added bonus, I’m fully capable of determining when someone is an idiot, contrary to these wifi people, who can’t even tell when a router is on (4% accurately predicted 6 out of 6 tests, some as with “normal” people)

  10. sage smudging….

    My mom did that at her last wedding and set off the smoke alarm. Most amusing.

    I think she’s going to stick to crystal alignment for the next one.

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