Skepchick Quickies, 5.14


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  1. Is it alien week or something?

    The Vatican is going on about space aliens, NASA is playing coy about a discovery and the nutters are saying “NASA has found Space Aliens”, the Brits are going on about space aliens…

    Maybe we’ll have to include John Carpenters “The Thing” in Monster Sunday.

  2. “A further document reveals how, on 21 February 1982, a group of customers and staff at a Tunbridge Wells pub reported an unknown object with green and red flashing lights – seen heading in the direction of Gatwick airport.”
    I’m British, I know how much we drink. I can see the seen now….. Putting down his 8th pint, the man walks towards the door past the mysterious lights on the fruit machine, out into the mysterious dark of the night, and looks up to see millions of mysterious white lights in the sky. Looking closer he sees some mysterious lights moving towards the airport, itself gleaming with mysterious lights, before mysteriously falling over onto the mysterious ground and watching the other patrons climbing into their mysterious vehicles, turning on their own mysterious lights and disappearing down the road. Mysteriously.

  3. A story about Einstein and a story about aliens reminds me of a favorite line from Close Encounters. When the scientists see that the abductees have not aged one remarks “Einstein was right.” To which another says “Einstein was probably one of them.”

  4. @Neverclear

    You forgot when another mysterious craft turned up with flashing blue lights, and two mysterious aliens in blue spacesuits and mysterious helmets hopped out and abducted him, taking him back to their mysterious base. Once there he was placed in a experimentation chamber (which the blue aliens called ‘the watch-house’ with other abudctees.

    He later reported that after passing out in the ‘watch-house’ he then woke up at his house with no memory or where he was before, smelling of mysterious chemicals, and shift stained a mysterious shade of chunky green.

  5. re: definition of life

    Well, they got it on the balot. Here’s hoping the voters of Colorado are smart enough to see through the thinly veiled attempt to outlaw abortion.

  6. Could we issue each pro-lifer their own homeless person to foster? Babies are only babies for a little while.

  7. “Let me assure this House that Her Majesty’s government has never been approached by people from outer space.”

    what about that bloke in the blue box?

    sorry…couldn’t resist.

  8. what about that bloke in the blue box?

    Ah, you see, traditionally his government contact is through UNIT, which operates under the control of the United Nations. You have to read between the lines.

    I’m such a geek.

  9. @Writerdd

    Don’t mind me – I dont want to throw out the Monster Sunday sequence. Unless you can have alien zombies….

    I am just bemused with the current alien fad going on. Before that, half the sites I follow exploded with a nasty case of anti-vax woos (Orac, BA, PZ, etc).

    Who knows what next week will bring :P


    Yes but technically the Brigader was part of the British government as well – and he definetly had contact with aliens.

    “Jenkins….chap with the wings there, five rounds rapid”

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