Skepchick Quickies, 4.7


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  1. Dawkins in D&D! Break out the polyhedrons! Time to show some elves the power of natural selection.

    Apologies, I went geek there for a moment.

    On the bright side, now fundamentalist Christians can condemn roleplaying for it’s satanic and atheistic influence all at the same time.

  2. Actually, I find parenting promotes skepticism. One daughter points at the other and says “She did it” or “She started it” and I need to start examining the empirical evidence. We just need to find a way for parents in the larger population to generalize that response.

  3. “Special Abilities: Spell Resistance Infinite (because magic is not real).”

    *snicker* I love it! I wonder if that character can rewrite all the scrolls and spellbooks he finds as “The God Delusion” and “How We Believe” and “Why I Am Not a Christian”, and then sell them for gold. I mean, that would really suck if all those artifacts were worthless just because he didn’t believe in them …

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