Minneapolis Meet-Up

For anyone planning to attend the Friday March 21 session of the American Atheists Conference, I’ll probably be showing up fairly early to acquire a good seat for the Dawkins talk.  If any of you are interested in joining me that would be cool.  We could do lunch or coffee after the signing if you’re down with that.  Drop a comment if you’re in.  See you soon!

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  1. I suppose you have posted the precise address and time before and I have missed it. Is it possible to be more specific about the conference? It might be a nice excuse to visit my sister. It is nice of you to offer to buy me lunch, but I think I will get something on the way :) I think the basic problem with atheism and religion is that a person who has shown a tendency to believe something without proof is easier to manipulate and therefore is a better resource for politicians.

  2. Have fun!

    I'm actually from Minnesota. I thought about heading back for the conference (I do love and miss Mpls), but I'm not spending spring break in Minnesota. I do want some warmth (and some isolation to work on the diss).

    enjoy, especially you non-Minneapolitans. It's a wonderful city.

  3. Hey! I live here, and I'm going. I'm interested in meeting up. I don't know if I can spot you based on your avatar, but I'm pretty easy to pick out, depending on how many white guys with dreadlocks there will be there.

  4. paul, you can check out the details at

    jeff, what are you talking about? it was like 50 degrees today! that's a regular f*ing heat wave when it's been -20 in the recent past. shit, i'm digging out my summer clothes!

    dread, my hair has now become more of a brown with pink streaks than solid purple (as shown in the spiffy avatar cartoon thingummy). i will be toting my nifty skepchick purse and hanging with a lanky white dude with long hair and glasses (my better half) and a shortish butch redhead, also bespectacled (my main beotch).

    see you there!

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