Calling All Magicians…

As there’s a fair amount of crossover between magic and skepticism, this might be of interest to a few folks. Richard Wiseman (of Quirkology fame) is currently conducting a study into paranormal belief and magicians. If you consider yourself a magician, professional or amateur, or know someone who is, and can spare a couple of minutes for a few questions, you can find the survey at Thanks!

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  1. Interesting… of course, anyone on the Skepchick reading list is almost certainly skeptical of all of these things. I guess the question is, in general, are magicians more skeptical than most? (I am a pro magician, BTW.)

    I think they are. However, I have met magicians that, while they don’t believe in spirits, mind-reading, etc., still (sadly) believe in 9/11 conspiracies, CAM, etc.

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