Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon

This made me cry with laughter. Out loud.

It’s mildly not suitable for work, although all the swears are bleeped out.

ETA: How the hooey do I embed videos? It doesn’t seem to like me…

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  1. Hm, I can't help with embedding at the moment as I'm at work and have no access to YouTube, but if you go to your Write page and click the tab to view the code of your entry, you should be able to simply paste the embedding code you copy from YouTube.

  2. Yeah, I tried that, then clicked 'save', and it didn't appear. Then when I went back into Edit Post, the code had gone. I tried it a few times to no avail. Weep!

    It's a shame you have no access to YouTube right now because that clip is damn funny.

    Also, I fancy Matt Damon.

  3. Ok, so does Sarah Silverman count as a Skepchick? I'd say yes. Well, I want to say yes. She does, afterall, think Jesus is Magic. Which, of course, is true.

  4. Ugh, I hate embedded videos. For some reason, they sem to run less smoothly than on YouTube itself, and it's a pain to pick the URL out of the source.

    FWIW, I'm blanking on who or what Sarah Silverman is. I'm sure I've heard her name before but I can't remember in which context.

  5. She's a comedian (comedienne, if you prefer) and a funny one at that.

    Her spin on the 'Aristocrats' joke in the Penn/Provenza directed movie of the same name is hilarious.

  6. I suppose this serves me right.
    You’ve answered my question exactly, all without providing ANY information I didn’t already know.

    Well, except Aristocrats. Still haven’t seen that one …

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