Hi everyone. What’s up? Another new Skepchick here. Let’s see…what can I tell you about myself in addition to what’s in my bio? How about a list of some of my vices?
1. Expensive cheese
2. Lanky British men
3. Imported beer (I have been accused of beer snobbery on more than one occasion…I can’t really deny it.)
4. Smutty Doctor Who fanfic (see vice #2)
5. The olive bar at my local swanky grocery store.
There are more, but we’ve only just met. You wouldn’t expect me to spill all my secrets on the first date. ;)
This blogging thing is new for me, but I think it’ll be fun. I’m pleased to be here. I look forward to sharing my musings.

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  1. What about lanky American men who've lived in England? No love for us? :-P

    Hehe. Welcome! This site's turned into a regular clown car of skepticism!!

  2. Who are you in the bios? I don't see one that matches your alias on this post.

    I love your list of vices. Except for the beer thing, I'm on board. I'm snobbish too, I don't drink beer at all — and never have, so it's not just because I'm old. :-)

    And, welcome!

  3. ok…to clarify…lanky men in general, especially the brits…better?

    writerdd, i'm c l p iwan in the bios…my entry hasn't been updated since i sent in my nickname and photo…is that something i can do myself? i'm still figuring all this out.

  4. Welcome!

    What are your favorite cheeses?

    Did you get out and enjoy the balmy weather today? (I'm in the Twin Cities, too) I never thought 20F would make me think of Spring!

    Beer's not really my thing, although I AM a hard cider snob.

  5. Welcome! I'm more of a coffee snob than a beer snob but there are certainly beers I won't drink so I think that counts!

  6. SteveT:

    hmm…favorite cheeses…i'd have to say probably drunken goat and brie.

    i was in fact working outside on a roof yesterday in the "balmy" weather…the wind was a bit brutal, so i did not enjoy it. i am looking forward to the 30-40 degree weather we are supposedly getting this weekend…where are my sandals?!

    i also enjoy a good cider, but i haven't tried enough of them to be a cider snob…i really like woodpecker.


    beer snobbery is all about the attitude. do you look spitefully down your nose at those beers you refuse to drink? do you refer to them as "piss"? do people look at you like a weirdo after you've gone on for far too long about why you won't drink a certain beer?

    i'd have to say that i'm the opposite of a coffee snob…i put so much cream and sugar in mine that it doesn't really matter what it started out as. :) i'm glad there's someone out there with standards.

  7. I'm Belgian, so beer-snobbery is a legal requirement to be able to maintain my citizenship.

    And lately, I've become a bit of a coffee snob too, although I'll still drink the swill at work out of desperation.

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