“Ass-kicking is what’s called for.”

The teenagers who invented a conspiracy theory involving the destruction of the World Trade Center decided to get their message out the only way they can — by using juvenile pranks that would make Howard Stern roll his eyes. Yesterday, they got into Real Time with Bill Maher’s audience and in the middle of the show began shouting their idiocy from the rafters. Bill was not pleased, and I almost wish he kept a bat under the table like a convenience store clerk, just to see what might have happened then. Enjoy the YouTube deliciousness.

Rebecca Watson

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  1. "What about building 7"? I don't see how the third collapsed building fits in their rhetoric. It seems to have been a part of the collateral damage in either of the two (truth and "truther") scenarios.

  2. I once wondered if the conspiracy theorists had any good points about 9-11. It didn't take long to conclude they didn't.

    This bunch has got to be among the rudest and least convincing of that lot, and that's saying something.

  3. And of course, the comments on the youtube site for this video are packed with the tinfoil hat brigade, accusing Maher of suppressing the truth.

  4. Even as a protest, this didn't work. You can't hear what they're saying. Bill Maher isn't a fan of George Bush, yet these protester are driving him away from their cause. They're no better than hecklers.

  5. Wow. I respect Bill Maher so much, because he is such a no-nonsense guy. I agree entirely with Cethis on this matter as well. Then again, I doubt any of these kids could have thought of a more classy way to try to push their ideas. What's the expression… garbage in = garbage out.

  6. That was some real entertainment. I didn't know why Maher was so popular, having only seen a few pieces of a few shows, but after finding his podcast and listening to a few of those I'm sold. This guy's very entertaining and not into any of the fruity or stupid ideas, that I've heard so far.

  7. Well, Maher does have one gaping hole in his critical thinking: He seems to be an antivaccination nut.

    Forgive me, I have absolutely no idea how to do a properly dressed link here, but Orac's blog Respectful Insolence deals with this issue here:….

    Having said that, however, Maher mostly seems to have his head screwed on pretty straight outside of this one issue. And his handling of those lunatics in his audience was classic. Where WAS security all during this situation? Each of those clowns should have been hauled out within seconds of their first outbursts, without so much as a glance from the boss on stage — instead, he had to come down there and start doing the job himself until they finally got mobilized!

    ~David D.G.

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