I read another claim a week ago - that the only actual women on the site were looking for customers. I'm not fussed about that, I stress - I don't…

John the Drunkard

And what marriages were saved....ugh! The 'legitimate' introduction sites keep their gender demographics secret. AM has been sued by employees who got carpal tunnel syndrome grinding out fake profiles. Another…


I thought the 12000 number was more accurate though, because that was the number of women who paid to cancel their accounts. Which, still, is only like 0.2% of users,…

Jon Brewer

I always assumed all the vitamin pills athletes endorse were plausible deniability, personally. But yeah, a lot of it is a scam.

Melanie Mallon

I was actually thinking of the miscarriages caused by external factors and behaviors--the two miscarriages I've had, both while on birth control, were quite likely due to some combination of…

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