Comment o’ the Week!

Lots of you had insightful and hilarious comments this week, so it was a tough call who would win the Big Prize. Hell, someone even nominated an entire thread, but that doesn’t count because other people said all those comments first.

As usual, I went with the one that made me laugh the hardest when I first read it. Congratulations to Steve, who commented upon our surprisingly difficult quiz Deepak, Tupac or a Six Pack?:

Damn, I could’ve sworn “Who’s for pancakes?” was from Chopra’s “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Breakfast”.

And BTW yes, because you all seemed to really enjoy that, we will have more quizzes in the very near future.


AJIrving tells us what was missing from the littlest scientist’s to-do list:

It’s missing:

‘Explain to idiotic grown-ups how magnets work’.

And finally Pete Schultz, whose comment was actually posted last week in response to Boobquake but it made me laugh this week so it goes in:

But watch out! If the subjects go in the water and then shake them, the water will remember the boobies after the subjects have left. Given the vastness of the oceans, the essence of the boobies will be so diluted that the resulting solution will be far too powerful, and the end of the world will come before its due date of 12/21/12.

Happy Friday!

Rebecca Watson

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