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    My Election Results Wine Pairing

    At 9:25am (Pacific Time), shouts of joy and car horns filling the streets of Oakland all around me, I texted my partner the answer he’d been waiting for: “Grab the TJ’s brut rosé.” The question? What to drink with the news that all major outlets had called the 2020 presidential election for Joe Biden. I can explain myself, obviously. I…

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    Going Dry: How To Talk About Wine Sweetness

    “Is it dry?” Of the many curveball wine-shopping questions I get, this is the one that throws me for a loop. It’s not because I don’t know the answer, or because I haven’t heard it a million times. It’s because the question is actually pretty useless to the vast majority of our customers, and I have a whole inner struggle…

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    How to Fake Your Way Through a Wine Tasting

    I’m currently in the final preparation stages for a wine course and subsequent certification exam that, if I pass, will render me a WSET Level 3 sommelier and thus eminently qualified to impress your parents. To this end I’ve assembled a weekly study group over the last few months, and it’s about as nerdy as you’d expect from a bunch…

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