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    Skepchick Sundaylies, with Online Anonymity, (Not) Losing Weight with Acupuncture, and Sophie Germain’s Minimized Mathematical Contributions

    Sunday Funny: But have you tried taquitos? (via SMBC) Teen Skepchick Anonymity Online Manatee discusses the reasons for online anonymity. Mad Art Lab Primal Screams: Sophie Germain’s Mathematical Labors (Women in Science 55) Dale tells the story of Sophie Germain, whose incredible contributions to mathematics were ignored and belittled. Armouring for Cosplay 6 – Adding Some Flare In this episode,…

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    Quickies: FDA Fails and the Cost of Measles Outbreaks

    Public misinformed about seal of approval from FDA – “Between 2005 and 2011, nearly half of all new drug formulations in the US were approved without companies having to demonstrate a tangible benefit, such as relieving disease symptoms, extending life, or improving someone’s ability to go about normal activities.” I was a weight loss success story – Criss’s photos documenting…

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  • Feminisma gingerbread person with a hole punched out of the stomach area and text reading "Diets Are Sad. Instead, enjoy proper food, three times a day. (Not too much, not too little.) Eat with Your Head

    Dear Skinnier Men, Especially the Formerly Fat Ones

    [Content Notice: weight loss talk] Last week was Weight Stigma Awareness Week; I told my personal story about my relationship with the medical establishment and with my body. Last week was also when I foolishly decided to take a peek at my Google search results. The usual haterade was there, including digs at my weight and at my mentions of keto.…

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  • FeminismHeina on a panel

    Weight Stigma Awareness Week: My Present

    [Content Notice: weight, weight loss, body image] While I do have a checkered past with the medical establishment, thankfully, about two years ago, I found much better doctors than any of my childhood ones. Sadly, I’ve been unable to find a less fat-hating world in which to live. For that reason, I’ve been restricting my caloric intake for eighteen months…

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  • Afternoon Inquisition

    AI: All we can stomach

    Last May, I had my stomach removed. Well, not all of it. There’s a small portion, smaller than a small egg, left. But the rest was taken away. Short story: I was supposed to just go in for a regular old gastric bypass but then they found a tumor and instead of bypassing the organ, my doctor removed it completely.…

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    The One Month Mark Low-Down on Low-Carbing

    Trigger Warning for Eating Disorders/Body Image/Diet Talk It’s been a month since I’ve actively induced ketosis in myself, so here is my check-in.  What I did: Consume 30 grams of net carbs a day or fewer. Track every bite and sip that passes my lips. Weigh myself often and track the results. Ensure appropriate macro levels (i.e. appropriate carb/fat/protein ratios).…

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  • Skepticism

    Possibly Worth Studying: Women and Low-Carbing

    Trigger Warning for Eating Disorders/Body Image/Diet Talk In two weeks, I will report my low-carb findings. Right now, I can’t stop being surprised by how little of the information on low-carbing available online is relevant to most women. After two decades of trying to lose weight, I thought I knew what to expect with low-carbing. What I’d never considered was the fact…

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    Testing the Legitimacy of Low-Carbing

    [TRIGGER WARNING FOR BODY IMAGE ISSUES AND EATING DISORDERS] Health. Fitness. Weight loss. Body fat. Lean muscle mass. Dieting. Fat loss. Ketosis. Low-fat. Low-calorie. High protein. Low-carb. Calories-in calories-out. BMI. Scales. Clean eating. [Insert specific diet name here]. Cardio. Gym. Running. Abs. Lifting. Gains. Reps. There’s a reason why mentioning any of the above terms, no matter how obliquely, will…

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