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    The One Month Mark Low-Down on Low-Carbing

    Trigger Warning for Eating Disorders/Body Image/Diet Talk It’s been a month since I’ve actively induced ketosis in myself, so here is my check-in.  What I did: Consume 30 grams of net carbs a day or fewer. Track every bite and sip that passes my lips. Weigh myself often and track the results. Ensure appropriate macro levels (i.e. appropriate carb/fat/protein ratios).…

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    Testing the Legitimacy of Low-Carbing

    [TRIGGER WARNING FOR BODY IMAGE ISSUES AND EATING DISORDERS] Health. Fitness. Weight loss. Body fat. Lean muscle mass. Dieting. Fat loss. Ketosis. Low-fat. Low-calorie. High protein. Low-carb. Calories-in calories-out. BMI. Scales. Clean eating. [Insert specific diet name here]. Cardio. Gym. Running. Abs. Lifting. Gains. Reps. There’s a reason why mentioning any of the above terms, no matter how obliquely, will…

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    Skepchick Quickies 9.12

    Today in 1952 was the first reported sighting of the Flatwoods Monster in West Virginia. I’m not going to give away the secret because this is a fun read, especially at the end when Joe Nickell from the CSI gets involved! The Science of Pomato Plants and Fruit Salad Trees – From Elyse. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal Has Had…

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