• The Twelve Days Of Trolling

    Inspired by the trolling during #shirtstorm, written by yours truly, and first assembled via Storify by @szvan…. The Twelve Days Of Trolling On the first day of Trolling, a dudebro sent to me a derailment in a poorly-worded tweet ¬† On the second day of Trolling, a dudebro sent to me Two Threats of Death, and a derailment in a…

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  • FeaturedLindy West

    Women in Secularism Making You LOL: Lindy West

    Women in Secularism is sooner than my overbooked schedule would like to admit. I am incredibly excited to meet, for the first time in person, the fellow speakers, con attendees, and ex-Muslims I’ve known online and through their work. I have been following Lindy West‘s feminist, body acceptance, and comedy work for years. Eighteen-year-old me would squee herself to death…

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  • Feminism

    On Being “One of the Good Ones”

    So it’s come to this: I must express the most bizarrely meta think I’ve ever thought. One’s openness to engagement with hostile and/or contentious individuals is not necessarily a sign of superior strength, intellect, moral¬†fortitude, or anything at all like that. It’s generally a function of many, many other mitigating factors. Some of these relevant factors include, but are not…

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  • Skepticism

    Lindy West Doesn’t Cry Anymore

    Lindy West is amazing. If you’re not reading everything she writes every day all the time, then it’s time you start. Because one day you’re going to die and that day you’ll be sitting there, on the autopsy table, and the ME is going to be like “[Your Name] died from a lack of reading the smartest and funniest woman…

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  • Activism

    But, It’s Just a Troll!

    The most recent Rush Limbaugh debacle has brought to the forefront an argument that those of us who engage in activism both online and off often face from those who style themselves as our allies: that we should ignore those who make arguments against us that seem ridiculous, because the person obviously doesn't mean it, and we validate him or…

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