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    Do You Need Fancy Stemware?

    Have you ever eaten yogurt with a fork? Ever had cereal from a coffee mug? Coffee from a mason jar? Have you, like me, made nachos in a saucepan because you didn’t have a baking sheet? Then you know that a food or beverage vessel is, for the most part, aesthetic. Wine stemware vendors like Riedel and Spiegelau stand to…

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  • SkepticismRatatouille scene; critic with wine looks shocked

    Cross-Post: Tasting Notes

    This post is a collaboration between Julia Burke at Skepchick and Ashley Hamer at Mad Art Lab.  When Anne Sauer alerted us to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal by Lettie Teague asking whether music can influence the actual taste of wine, the prospect of enjoying our two favorite things (Ashley’s a musician; Julia is a wine geek) was enough…

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    How to Fake Your Way Through a Wine Tasting

    I’m currently in the final preparation stages for a wine course and subsequent certification exam that, if I pass, will render me a WSET Level 3 sommelier and thus eminently qualified to impress your parents. To this end I’ve assembled a weekly study group over the last few months, and it’s about as nerdy as you’d expect from a bunch…

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