• Tarot Reader Accused of Raping Teen Girls

    A Philadelphia man named Hector Ayala is on trial for raping one 15-year old and two 16-year old girls, allegedly tricking them into performing/receiving oral and vaginal sex in order to lift curses and avoid predicted misfortunes. The 15-year old has testified that the rapes began when she was just 13 and her home life was “getting complicated.” Ayala, age…

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  • All the woo in Wooville

    Last weekend, we spent a really fun day at the Georgia Renaissance Festival. For those of you unfamiliar with the Ren Fest, it’s an outdoor fair which attempts to emulate the Renaissance period. People dress up, people joust, people perform. You know, like Botticelli used to. It’s a lot of fun. We were there because a friend was getting married…

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