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  • Afternoon Inquisition

    AI: Surly Ninjas and White Knighting

    I am swooping in and taking over the Thursday AI! Now with 100% more media, a real-life talking Amy AND potential prizes! Today, we are going to discuss the concept of “White Knighting.” Text from email I read in the video: Message: Can we talk about the White Knight thing? I recently got a job where I write about video…

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  • Skepticism

    Psychic Surly Amy’s Message from Beyond . . .

    . . . the camera! The one and only episode of Ask Psychic Surly Amy is now available on YouTube. (Don’t ask me how this is possible. Something to do with the energy in the universe being guided by Amy’s mind to the Internet.) As part of our Skepchick Challenge to raise money for SkepchickCON 2013, Amy agreed to answer…

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  • Events

    You Did It! Skepchick Challenge Accepted

    May I virtually tackle hug you? Because that is how excited and appreciative I am right now. You helped us surpass our $1,000 fundraising target for this month’s Skepchick Challenge, raising money for SkepchickCON, the science and skepticism track at this year’s CONvergence. Between the widget total and the amount sent directly, you generously donated a total of $1,235.11 by…

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  • Random Asides

    Ask Surly Amy: Why Not So Surly?

    I met you at TAM and as far as I can tell you aren’t surly. You don’t fit any of these definitions. So why do you call yourself Surly Amy? -Laika I get asked this a lot so here is the history on how I got that nickname. Not much science or skepticism involved in this tale, just some good-old…

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  • Announcing a New Skepchick: Surly Amy Roth!

    At The Amaz!ng Meeting 7 last weekend, I finally had the chance to meet the awesome lady who has been supplying the Skepchicks with sexy jewelry for the past several years (has it been that long? I suspect it has). Amy has always struck me as the kind of chick to get things done, which happens to be my favorite…

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