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    If you don’t like rape, don’t get raped DUH

    In an amazing act of bravery, Brian Dalton (aka Mr Deity) has made a video that sternly criticizes the community of people on the internet who vocally denounce rape and rapists. In it, he finally says what the rapistists (those who are prejudiced against men for no reason other than their sexual preference for women who are unwilling/unable to consent)…

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    AI: U MAD?

    Today I am tired. Not like not-enough-sleep tired. Like tired of the world tired. Exhausted from the world. I’m tired of the world being full of stupid assholes who refuse to get it. I’m tired. And I’m angry. And I’m tired of being told that I’m too angry. And I’m angry because I’m tired and I’m angry that I can’t…

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