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  • FeaturedAlan Rickman as Stephen Spurrier in the film Bottle Shock

    Grading Wine: What is the 100-Point System?

    If you purchase wine regularly, you’ve probably come across “shelf talkers,” the laminated tags displayed with wine that often include a review from a prominent magazine or critic such as Wine Spectator magazine or Robert Parker. The review typically contains a few sentences describing and appraising the wine, followed by a drinking window (“Drink now” vs. “Drink 2017 through 2020,”…

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    ICYMI: September 8 – September 14 on the Skepchick Network

    Teen Skepchick The Physics Philes, lesson 64: Equilibrium in Two Easy Steps! Ever wonder why buildings don’t fall down? It has to do with equilibrium. Critical Fandom: Helpless and Slutty Eddy analyzes two nefarious tropes that hold female characters back. Feminism Made Me an Atheist Olivia has always been a feminist, and it was feminism that lead her into atheism…

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