poe’s law

  • FeaturedB&W Blurry Photo of a pipe in the Mississippi River that looks like a river monster

    Poe’s Law: Mississippi River Monster Edition

    Back in November 2012 I went on a road trip from San Diego to Chicago. At one point I spent a full day in Memphis and while there took a ton of photos. I was taking some photos of the Mississippi river when I saw this green pipe thing sticking out of the water. I realized that from far away it sort of looked…

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  • Activism

    But, It’s Just a Troll!

    The most recent Rush Limbaugh debacle has brought to the forefront an argument that those of us who engage in activism both online and off often face from those who style themselves as our allies: that we should ignore those who make arguments against us that seem ridiculous, because the person obviously doesn't mean it, and we validate him or…

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