million dollar challenge

  • The oldest newest skeptic

    My grandmother is a rare old bird. At 83, she works on a market stall selling dolls, has bright red (dyed) hair, and frequently wins line dancing medals. But there’s no denying the stubbornness of old women, and she can be a royal pain in the rear when it comes to being ‘right’. For example, a few years ago I…

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  • TAM 6 Registration is Now Open!

    You know what to do, people — log on, register for The Amaz!ng Meeting 6, fly to Vegas and party with 1,000 of your closest skeptical friends, including me and a number of Skepchicks (I’ll post the full list once I know for sure). There are also all my old buddies like Phil Plait, Steve Novella (and the rest of…

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  • TAM 5.5 Update: Chris Cordero is a no-show

    Chris Cordero, purported psychic, previously agreed to demonstrate his powers and try for the million dollar challenge in front of a live audience here at TAM 5.5. Jeff Wagg has just announced that Chris called last night and canceled, saying “he had bills to pay.” Aw. Wouldn’t a million dollars be really useful for paying bills? PS: I now have…

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