• Activism

    A Runoff Election in Louisiana Could Help Democrats Senate Situation

    There is currently a Senate runoff election happening in Louisiana which, if won by Democrat Foster Campbell, would narrow the partisan split to 51-49. It’s a long shot, but a really important one when you consider the already-narrow majority that Republicans hold in the Senate. In the week since Trump’s election, we’ve seen Senate Republicans like John McCain & Rand Paul express hostility…

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  • Skeptical Ninja of the Week: Zack Kopplin

    It’s never easy to go against the grain, especially in high school. But that is what Zack Kopplin is doing. Zack is 17-year-old high school senior at Baton Rouge Magnet High School. What sets him apart from his peers – and why we’re making him this week’s Skeptical Ninja – is his tireless efforts in ridding creationism from Louisiana’s science classrooms.…

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  • Louisiana fieldwork

    I went on a trip to Louisiana with my research group recently. We were retrieving some instruments that had been sitting in the Gulf for about 2 months. Data to be analyzed later. Data intended to be collected: pressure, and current speed & direction, and tilt of the sensors. The retrieval went well, we got back all 15 remaining instruments.…

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