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  • FeaturedAshley Madison logo depicts white woman with finger over lips in "shhh" gesture

    So Your Partner was on Ashley Madison. DTMFA.

    I’m in a cab late at night making conversation with the typically chatty driver; I realize I’ve lost my keys and have to find a place to crash. Texting frantically, I mutter aloud that I’m pretty sure my boyfriend’s asleep, and tell the cabbie I’m going to try my girlfriend’s phone. He breaks into a grin. “How do you pull…

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  • FeminismJosh Duggar smiling with Mike Huckabee

    Christian Hypocrisy and the Response to Josh Duggar

    The Josh Duggar scandal has been covered by multiple media outlets. Most people have been quick to point out the hypocrisy of Duggar, who served as the executive director of an organization that regularly links homosexuality and pedophilia, when he in fact sexually assaulted many underage girls. Unsurprisingly, the Christian news sites are coming to his defense, some even drawing parallels between…

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