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    Why Yes, Mayo Clinic. Even the Vice President of the United States Can Transmit COVID-19

    Three days after I gave birth to my youngest child TD, I developed the worst fever I’ve ever had in my life. My teeth chattered so badly I thought my jaw would break and I simultaneously sweat through my bedding and shooks with chills. I had developed Puerperal Fever, colloquially known as “Childbed Fever.” When my temperature hit 104F, I…

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    So You Want to Talk About Eugenics

    It is a truth universally acknowledged via various classifications of fallacy (ad hominem, guilt by association, and so on) that one cannot discount an argument or premise solely due to its origin. On the other hand, to argue that a concept is meritorious because a hypothetical version of it that has never existed in reality would be a lovely thing (especially if the concept…

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