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    Fact Check: Uncensured Lies on the Senate Floor

    I masochistically watched nearly every hour of the Senate impeachment trial*, and I can say unequivocally that Trump’s lawyers’ defenses were blatant lies. This is not surprising, of course, but these lies are vastly more dangerous when they are repeated without censure on the Senate floor. Millions of Americans who watched all or part of the trial* would have a…

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    Senate GOP Votes to Decimate Congressional Oversight

    Even the least jaded among us are probably not surprised by the Senate GOP’s decision not to try the impeachment of Donald Trump by voting against documents and witnesses. Republicans have always had an abusive relationship with the US Constitution, professing love for it while chipping away at its protections (voter suppression efforts, attacks on the press and the first…

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    Bad Chart Thursday: GOP Obamacare Chart Makes Case for . . . Obamacare

    Last week, Politico shared the internal GOP policy brief for repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), a brief that inadvertently makes a pretty good case for not repealing the ACA at all. No where is this better illustrated than in this chart: The source is given as the Council for Affordable Health Coverage, a group lobbying for…

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    ACA Replacement Plans: Your Money or Your Life, Part 2

    GOP replacement plans are likely to be much more expensive for millions of Americans with little if any benefit. This article dives into how the Patient Freedom Act of 2017, introduced on January 23 in the Senate, sets up health insurance “access” in a way that adds unnecessary expenses and increases insurance costs and fees—all for much higher financial and…

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    Will GOP Healthcare Plans Cover Immunization If Tom Price Is Confirmed?

    Earlier this week, Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) introduced S.191, the Patient Freedom Act (PFA) of 2017, as a potential replacement for the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The PFA gives states three options: (1) Keep ACA; (2) implement market-based health care and insurance, with funds in individual Roth health savings plans (HSAs) and autoenrollment in a basic high-deductible plan for all…

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    ACA Replacement Plans: Your Money or Your Life, Part 1

    GOP replacement plans for Obamacare do not live up to claims of protecting people with pre-existing conditions, prohibiting health status discrimination, prohibiting lifetime or annual limits, reducing costs for consumers, and many other promises. This is true for every plan proposed so far, but in this article, I focus on the bill introduced in the US Senate on Monday, January…

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    Is It #SuperTuesday Again? Have a Liveblog!

    It’s that time again! This race is getting increasingly polarizing, after an intense weekend for Donald Trump. Tonight doesn’t look like it will provide any relief in the form of major Trump upsets – but who knows! Here goes! 7:52 AM ET Good morning! Looks like the votes are in for Illinois, and Clinton squeaked out a couple percentage points…

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    ICYMI: October 14 – October 20 on the Skepchick Network

    Good morning! It’s time to arise, brush your teeth, and read the awesome posts you missed last week on the Skepchick Network. Teen Skepchick Do Republicans Hate Women? Beccy argues that, yeah, they kinda do. Criminals, Those Who are Mentally Ill Olivia is upset about something said in last week’s presidential debate, and it has nothing to do with binders.…

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