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    Is It Election Fraud to Not Vote Down-Ballot? No!

    This post contains a video, which you can also view here. To support more videos like this, head to! Hey everybody, I’m so sorry to be using my platform for personal gain but I really don’t know where else to turn. There’s no easy way to say this so I’ll just come out with it: I stole an election,…

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  • Skepticism

    The Worst Thing Brian Dunning Has Done for Skepticism

    Brian Dunning is fairly prominent amongst skeptics for his podcast, Skeptoid. He’s prominent amongst FBI agents for his conviction for wire fraud. (The case has been ongoing since 2011, but Dunning’s sentencing is April 28, 2014.) For those who are unfamiliar with the skeptical community, it is based in large part on exposing frauds, so this criminal’s continued popularity with…

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  • Rogue Traders Investigate Psychic Faith-healer

    Adrian Pengelly is a British “psychic” and “healer” who claims he can cure cancer with his bare hands and expel ghosts from haunted houses. The Rogue Traders are two guys who investigate bullshit artists of all sorts for their own show as well as the BBC show Watchdog. Watch them tear him to shreds, in three parts uploaded by YouTuber…

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  • Ben Stein Gets Canned From The New York Times!

    Words simply cannot express my joy at this bit of bad news for creationist idiot Ben Stein: he’s been fired as a New York Times Sunday business columnist because of his scummy shilling for scam web site, which Skepchick reported on last month. Via Gawker comes this confirmation from Times spokesperson Catherine Mathis: Ben Stein’s fine work for us…

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  • About Skeptical Activism and Cheating Psychics

    So, as I just posted over on the SGU Blog, my thinky meats are still mushy from TAM5.5, so I’m letting an SGU listener have the floor. I got this note while I was in Florida, and was so ridiculously pleased that I shared the story with the 50 people in our podcasting & blogging seminar Friday as an example…

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