• Activism

    AI: Ending Rape

    My friend Louise recently came across a Twitter page (and website hawking a book) dedicated to ENDING RAPE! Actually ending it. Declaring itself the best resource anywhere in the world. And how does ENDING RAPE suggest we end rape? BY NEVER COMING INTO CONTACT WITH MEN. Ever. Anywhere. Unless we already know them. BUT DON’T GET TO KNOW THEM BECAUSE…

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  • Fauxminism: It’s What Makes You Dinner

    Fauxminism is the curious phenomenon where people think that featuring, talking about, or even just being a woman is an inherently feminist act and thus renders the person and/or act(s) in question irreproachably progressive with regards to matters of gender. What makes someone a fauxminist is not any particular action or choice that they make or take, but their dogged…

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