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    Dowsing in genealogy

    Last week I put this post aside as being a bit too niche, but then Rebecca posted this great takedown of dowsing and all of a sudden my topic is downright topical. Did you skim past the subtitle and want to guess how dowsing is used in genealogy? Personally, I would have guessed pendulum dowsing to test hypotheses. And I…

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    Guest Post: Woo-ing Wine Drinkers

    In today’s guest post, Julia Burke talks about dowsing and pseudoscience marketing in the wine industry. I guess when you’ve had a little to drink, believing in magical sticks doesn’t seem so far-fetched. ——————————————————————— When I took an editorial position at the Center for Inquiry and became immersed in the skeptic/secular movement, I had no idea how relevant to my…

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