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    Creative Saturday: The Best Forking Apple Pie Ever

    Just in time for Thanksgiving, I thought I would share my favorite pie recipe: Apple Cheddar Pie. If you haven’t had this, it’s time to give it a try. What sets this pie apart is the fact that the cheddar is baked in between the apples and topped with streusel. There are other variations where you melt a piece of…

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  • Activism

    Creative Saturday: It’s Hat Knitting Season!

    Fall is here and it’s the perfect time to spend the weekend knitting a hat with the heat cranked on while watching all of the episodes of your new favorite TV show (recommendations: Raising Dion or HBO’s Watchmen; or if you want to be inspired by gorgeous knits, Outlander). The personal is political, as the saying goes, and knitting is no different. In…

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  • ActivismPeach Mint Pie Fresh from the oven!

    Easy (im) Peach Mint Pie

    We are currently in the midst of impeachment hearings in House. We are hearing a lot of evidence from respected public servants that point out how Donald Trump attempted to bribe and extort the leader of the Ukraine (for Trump’s personal gain.) The evidence is damning. Seriously, it is. There has been no evidence at all exonerating the president, as…

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