• Skepticism

    The Most Interesting Monster in The World

    Originally posted on Mad Art Lab. You guys! I am so excited about this fun little project! My main squeeze, Mr Surly Johnny Skaare helped me edit and produce a mockumercial for Death by Puppets based around one of skepticism’s most beloved creatures and pop culture’s favorite beers. It was SO fun to do! Scott Sigler did the announcer voice…

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  • COTW and This Weekend’s Shenanigans!

    Hey, who’s going to be in New York this weekend? ME, that’s who! I’m very excited to attend NECSS, and I hope to see a lot of you there. The fun starts tonight at Drinking Skeptically, which I’m hoping to join as soon as my bus gets in around 10pm. The conference will go on all day tomorrow, and then…

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