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    So Your Partner was on Ashley Madison. DTMFA.

    I’m in a cab late at night making conversation with the typically chatty driver; I realize I’ve lost my keys and have to find a place to crash. Texting frantically, I mutter aloud that I’m pretty sure my boyfriend’s asleep, and tell the cabbie I’m going to try my girlfriend’s phone. He breaks into a grin. “How do you pull…

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  • Quickies

    Skepchick Quickies 9.19

    On September 19, 1692, Giles Corey, accused of wizardry, was executed as part of the Salem Witch Trials. If you’re familiar with the history, you may remember him as the man  who refused to enter a plea even though he was being tortured by putting heavy stones on his chest. He was crushed to death but his last words were,…

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  • About Skeptical Activism and Cheating Psychics

    So, as I just posted over on the SGU Blog, my thinky meats are still mushy from TAM5.5, so I’m letting an SGU listener have the floor. I got this note while I was in Florida, and was so ridiculously pleased that I shared the story with the 50 people in our podcasting & blogging seminar Friday as an example…

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