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    #TwitterTheocracy: How Anti-Blasphemy Laws Are Tools of Oppression

    Recently, the case of Meriam Ibrahim made international headlines. The story was that she, a pregnant Christian woman married to a Christian, was being accused of apostasy and sentenced to death for it. Some but not all of the articles about it mentioned the most troubling fact about the case: she is not even a apostate in that she was a Muslim…

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    In DC? Protest at 2pm Today to Free Alexander Aan!

    The Center for Inquiry is mobilizing a protest for today at 2pm ET at the Indonesian Embassy in Washington, DC, in the hopes that we might convince officials to release Alexander Aan, the man who was arrested and convicted for “spreading religious hatred” by simply declaring his atheism on Facebook. If you’re anywhere nearby, please join in. Freethinkers must send…

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    Truth as Blasphemy

    As mentioned in the quickies a few weeks ago, Sanal Edamaruku, president of the Indian Rationalist Association, revealed that a “weeping” cross was not actually a miracle at all, but in fact caused by a leaky drain. When he refused to retract his findings, the local Catholic Church filed a case against him for blasphemy and he now has arrest…

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  • Blasphemy for the rest of us…

    In celebration of the UK’s official approval of blasphemy, I am going to blaspheme! My hubby was on a message board the other day where someone was telling him that when an atheist says “Goddammit,” it implies at least some vague belief in God.  I told him to respond with this quote from Terry Pratchett: When you hit your thumb…

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