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    Hot or Not? What Does Science Say?

    The New York Post recently published an article about some guy who says he has decided to stop dating hot women and the internet is really angry about it. I can’t tell you what his reasoning was because I refuse to waste even a couple minutes of my life reading an article about a guy who treats all women as a monolith. However,…

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    No, Women Do Not Guard Their Men From Sexy Ovulating Werewolf Hussies

    This month researchers* from Arizona State University, University of Iowa, and Pennsylvania State University came out with a study entitled “Women Selectively Guard Their (Desirable) Mates From Ovulating Women,” (apologies for the paywall) which they say proves that women can tell when other women are ovulating and subconsciously try to keep those women away from their man. According to the…

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    On the Abuse of Social Science

    Cross-posted on Queereka. One of the reoccurring talking points of opponents of marriage equality is that social science research demonstrates that children do better with a heterosexual couple than any other type of parenting situation. For an example, see this exchange between CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and hate-group leader Tony Perkins. Note how she fails to challenge Perkins on his oft-repeated…

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