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Skepchick isn’t just about the fabulous posts — it’s also about the community of people who read and offer funny, or supportive, or thought-provoking comments that contribute to an ongoing discussion.

If you’d like to comment on a Skepchick blog entry, first you’ll have to register. After you confirm your registration you can post your first comment, which will be held until a Skepchick moderator can read it and approve. If that post is overly spammy or rude or boring, it may be deleted, never to see the light of day.

Once your first post is approved, you are free to post again however often you’d like, provided you can act like a mature and rational adult even when you’re being critical of a post. We may ban you without warning or apology for the following reasons:

  • bullying and harassment
  • not contributing to the topic of the thread
  • not positively advancing the discussion
  • making threats toward another person
  • creating a sock puppet to support your own argument
  • bigotry
  • derailing

This site is our house, and we reserve the right to kick out anyone who is making it an unpleasant place to hang out. Further, if you are particularly awful, we reserve the right to warn all of our blogger friends about you and make your email and IP public. In extreme cases, we will turn over all your information to the police.

No, this is not a violation of your freedom of speech. We are not the US government.

If you feel that a fellow commenter has acted inappropriately, please send us a link to the comment via our contact form.

Additional Info for Commenters

To reply to a particular comment, log in and click the little arrow by that comment’s post number. A link back to that comment will automatically be pasted into the comment box.

Prettyfying Yer Comments
Spice up your comments with some HTML! These tags <strong>make things bold</strong>, these <em>give you italics</em>, use these tags <a href=””>to make a link</a>, and <blockquote>these are handy for when you’re quoting someone.</blockquote> Don’t forget to click the “Preview” button before posting to make sure your comment looks the way you want!

Skepchick uses If you’d like a picture next to your posts, register on Gravatar using the same email address you use on Skepchick, and whatever image you upload there will automatically appear here.

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