Deaths from various unrelated causes
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Bad Chart Thursday: Gun Deaths Don’t Matter Because Cancer

In President Obama’s response to the mass shooting in Oregon last week, he asked the US media to report gun deaths side by side with terrorism deaths to demonstrate that …

Warped pie chart
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Bad Chart Thursday: More Misleading Charts from Americans United for Life

By now, you’ve likely heard about the embarrassingly bad abortion chart Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) tried to use as a “gotcha” at the congressional Planned Parenthood hearing last Tuesday. If …

Krugman chart
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Bad Chart Thursday: Paul Krugman’s EXCEL-lent Adventure

If you follow economist Paul Krugman’s op-ed column in the New York Times, you may have noticed that he occasionally creates his own graphs using the sophisticated stylings of Microsoft …

social security and immigration chart
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Bad Chart Thursday: Magic Eye CAPTCHA Chart Explains Trump’s Popularity

I am going to admit straight out: I was never able to see the image hidden in those magic eye pictures (a.k.a. stereograms) from the nineties. Today, I tried to …

Toxic waste trees

Quickies: Racial segregation in progressive cities, what English sounds like, penis-size recall study

The Harsh Truth About Progressive Cities–“These are America’s most progressive, forward-thinking, open-minded, and social-justice-focused cities. They also have the worst racial disparities in the nation and some of the worst …

Health Concerns Map
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Bad Chart Thursday: Your State’s Burning Health Concerns

Maps based on data gathered from Google Trends are everywhere, especially those that attempt to sum up each state based on randomly chosen attributes. For example, the real estate site …

Three hurricanes

Quickies: Pop-Colonialism, Freddie Gray Trials, and Hurricanes from SPA-A-A-CE

Taylor Swift Is Dreaming Of A Very White Africa–“To those of us from the continent who had parents or grandparents who lived through colonialism (and it can be argued in …

Killers in World History chart
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Bad Chart Thursday: Anti-Abortion “Logic” in One Terrible Chart

You know, there are a few things the anti-abortion crowd is really good at–holding down the shift key when they type; consistently blurring the line between fact and fiction (most …