• Skepticism

    Captain Disillusion Returns!

    I love this guy! He’s been gone from YouTube for a year or so, but he hasn’t lost his touch: watch Captain Disillusion clearly explain the truth behind a recent viral video in which a man fires knives at a woman using a ping pong paddle:

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  • Afternoon Inquisition

    AI: Satire and Spreading Memes

    I have been reading about internet memes and how and why derivative and satirical works get spread on the internet in preparation for a panel I am going to be on at CONvergence/SkepchickCon next week. It is an interesting topic I had never thought that deeply about. I am not looking at the comparison of memes to actual genetics as…

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  • Feminism

    Study Proves Racism, Sexism No Big Deal.

    The English comedian Somegreybloke/Mike Booth has written a brilliant and funny satire of YouTube anti feminists / pro MRA types. He has a new character called Dan Cardomon. The actor is Jeremiah McDonald and it is written by Mike Booth. (Via Richo61) Videos below. *The video portion (but not the audio) of the first post has been freezing for some…

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  • Anti-Science

    PZ Myers vs Islamists on Embryology

    Last weekend was the International Atheist Convention in Dublin, and it was great! I saw old friends, met tons of new friends, and enjoyed this pleasant interaction between PZ Myers and a group of Muslim men, in which they attempt to convince him that the science in the Qu’ran is accurate: This conversation was in progress for at least 10…

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  • Brad Pitt to Religious Zealots: Stop the Nonsense

    Via Gawker, Brad Pitt goes on Bill Maher’s show and says this: To the three who are watching, I just say you have to, you really have to check what country you’re living in because the freedom that allows you to practice religion is the same freedom you’re stepping on. That’s not right….And I want to add… if there was…

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  • Happy Birthday & A YouTube Gift

    Hey, did you know it’s Skepchick Jen’s birthday today? Well, you do now. Wish her well in the comments and/or on Twitter! I met Jen for the first time two weeks ago, when she magically appeared in my wedding party, and she was an incredible, vibrant, smart woman who I can’t wait to meet again. In the meantime, I’ll just…

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  • “You’re Not Even Holding an Erlenmeyer Flask.”

    Thanks to A for the tip-off!

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  • Electrical Derby

    I love roller derby, cheesiness, and science demo videos, so this pretty much blew out my radness sensors. Found via PZ. YouTube link

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