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    Glee: Baby Got Back. And then got Raped.

    Last night, a bunch of never before seen extras on Fox’s show Glee performed an unaccredited cover of Jonathan Coulton’s cover of Sir Mix A Lot’s Baby Got Back. When confronted with the outrage of a million angry geeks on Twitter, Glee was all “yeah, but it’s a cover of a cover. BFD. Besides, EXPOSURE AND SHIT, YO. Coulton should…

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  • Afternoon Inquisition

    AI: Bug Naked (the book)

    Over at the Bug Blog, I occasionally review books. Thought I would share this one as an AI about willing suspension of disbelief in fiction. Book Title:  Bug, Naked (Author: Jackson Williams) Basic plot: Mad scientist wants to alter humans to insect size to save the planet. He trolls singles bars to find the right experimental subject. They have sex and then he shrinks…

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  • WTF! Let’s Get Skepticisming! With the ladies!

    Last week, and over the weekend, I promised you all an announcement on Monday. Logistics got in my way. I apologize. So today, Monday: The Reckoning, I am here to give you the news! The Women Thinking Free Foundation will be hosting its first official event on May 22! And its second official event on June 22! (And more more…

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