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  • FeaturedCarli Lloyd raises her fingers in the air after her third World Cup goal

    Feminism Needs Women’s Sports

    How much fun is sports twitter? I was newly reminded last night during the breathtaking opening minutes of the USA vs. Japan World Cup, when my TL was a sea of caps lock and gif dexterity reacting to the USA team’s performance and Carli Lloyd’s unprecedented hat trick. “I love Twitter,” my male partner laughed as we watched the game…

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  • Feminism

    World Cup Ad Contest: The Worst Is Here

    As we had expected, lots of World Cup commercials have shown us that some publicists / companies / FIFA refuse to join the rest of humanity in the 21st century, using sexism and outdated gender stereotypes to sell us beer, TVs, and the event itself. Knowing this would happen, we asked you guys to send us any horribly sexist World…

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  • Religion

    Did Luis Suarez’s Biting Break His Fast?: A World Cup / Ramadan Update

    It’s a World Cup Ramadan, the first one since the 1980s. It’s like a White Christmas? Kind of? Except Ramadan is more like Lent than Christmas. Never mind. Today marks the third day of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting. This weekend, concerns over the Muslim World Cup players made their way across the internets. I happened across posts of the…

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