• Skepticism

    Pretty Hairs Removal

    All hail the internet, which has once again delivered something strange and wonderful to my virtual doorstep: Ant Egg Oil Cream. It is, as best I can tell, a traditional hair removal remedy from the middle east–Iran and Turkey, specifically. You get all the common pitches in the marketing playbook: “Tala Ant Egg Oil effect was proven in laboratory experiments…

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  • The Truth about Waxing, Brazilians, and the Horror of Hair

    Waxing. A mystery to some, a horror to many. Having your hair yanked out by the roots in the name of beauty doesn’t appeal to everyone, but as around 92% of women shave their legs, it’s clear that most of us don’t like to be hairy. So why do women go for the razor rather than the waxing salon? Waxing…

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