• Feminism

    PETA’s Sexualized Ads Don’t Work

    I’m a supporter of animal rights who eats a mostly vegetarian diet (I occasionally eat fish). I support organizations like the Humane Society and the SPCA, and I would support PETA if they didn’t make a habit of lying, misrepresenting scientific data, and using images of dehumanized scantily clad and nude women to get money and attention. Consider, for instance,…

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  • Science

    Ask Surly Amy: Vegan, Vegetarian and Pescatarian Diets

    Dear Surly Amy, I’m trying to find non-biased sources on health, longevity, etc, related to Vegan/Vegetarian/Pescetarian diets, but am having an incredibly hard time finding any article online that isn’t teeming with bias (Vegan websites are super biased, btw). What are the health facts, pure and simple? ~Patrice Dear Patrice, Unfortunately the health facts aren’t pure and simple. Different people…

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  • Skepchick Chat: Vegetarianism, Skepticism, and Semen

    Recently, we received this note from Michael (through our contact form!): This question I think is mainly for Rebecca, because I am only aware of her being a vegetarian from the SGU. I was recently considering becoming a vegetarian, and was wondering what sites she could recommend to start living this lifestyle. From the basic research I have done, the…

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