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    The Benefits of Being Vulcan

    During COVID times my youngest child TD and I have made a pact to watch all of the Star Trek films. All 13 movies from the very first full-length feature with Shatner’s Kirk to the most recent revival of the Kirk and Spock universe. I love every single one of those movies, even the less well-reviewed ones. Captain Kirk’s birthplace…

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    On Learning Goals and Trust in the Time of Coronavirus…

    I started this article on remote teaching a few weeks ago when just about every college and university was scrambling to covert their in-person classes to a remote instruction model. But then, well, I got busy trying to covert my in-person classes to a remote instruction model. So, instead of a list of resources, I’m going to focus on the…

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  • Science

    Why I’m Just So Worried About Our Students…

    This week, more than 40 universities have announced their intent to suspend face-to-face course work and send students home to limit the spread of COVID-19 among the student population. My own university’s Board of Regents has asked our universities to prepare for the transition to online instruction as quickly as possible and our university’s hospital has admitted its first COVID-19…

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    Cross-post: Trigger Warnings Will Destroy Us ALL! (or not)

    Editor’s Note: this piece originally appeared on Grounded Parents and is written by Deek. ***** Trigger Warning: infant death, graphic description of fetal tissue There is this man who stands a block from the entrance to my workplace. He props up two four-foot signs emblazoned with photographs of bloody, dead, micro-preemie babies, and another with the words “Stop Abortion Now!” I say “babies”…

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  • Meta Stuff

    Skepchick Sundaylies: Coconut Bacon, Pride Celebrations, Tenure, Natural Parenting, and ADHD

    Sunday Funny: Throwing Rocks (via xkcd) Teen Skepchick The Physics Philes, lesson 103: Of Nodes and Anitnodes Mindy, on her quest to learn all the physics, learns about nodes and antinodes. Mad Art Lab Album of the Week – tUnE-yArDs’ “W H O K I L L” If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing quite like a great bit of…

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    ICYMI: Breastfeeding, Belly Dancing, and Brown M&Ms

    Teen Skepchick Exams, Stress, and Expectations Being labeled “the gifted kid” can come with a heap of stress. You’ll Agree with Me When You’re Older Are points of view of older people inherently better than those of younger people? International Aid to Uganda in Light of Human Rights Violations What is the correct response to the horrible human rights violations…

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    On Ungrateful Brats: Are College Students Really Adults?

    The Rachel Canning case has set off a social media shitstorm, to say the least. Yesterday morning, a judge denied the preliminary request made by the teenager who sued her parents for support, and most commenting on the case have made it clear that they think that she is a spoiled brat. One of the most common criticisms that I have seen…

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  • Skepticism

    ICYMI: October 7 – October 13 on the Skepchick Network

    Hello, you beautiful Skepchick readers. Are you ready to catch up on what you missed last week on the Skepchick network? You should be, because you missed a lot. And it’s awesome. Teen Skepchick To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo Olivia ponders getting another tattoo. Not in Science, Not in School Acupuncture and other pseudoscience have no place in a…

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