• Quickiespronghorn antelope grazing near radio telescope

    Quickies: Barrier Busting DJ, Identified Flying Objects, Hacking NASA…

    Hey, y’all. It’s officially summer! Well, in the Northern Hemisphere, at least. Happy winter to our Southern Hemisphere friends! That little fact of opposite hemispheres having opposite seasons is helpful when I teach Astronomy 101. It also makes my geographically diverse Instagram feed confusing at times. Okay, enough chit-chat, we have some news and animals for you… “My parents wanted…

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  • Meta Stuff

    Bad Chart Thursday’s Mysterious Disappearance

    Bad Chart Thursday is back! But I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering where it disappeared to over the past few months. I asked it, but of course, its responses were inconsistent and unverifiable. Did Bad Chart Thursday get lost when we moved servers and travel thousands of cyberspace miles to find us? Or did it disappear when charting the…

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