• QuickiesQuokka with nose close to the camera

    Quickies: Changing social norms, exam questions, and butter packages…

    I can’t believe it’s already May. Where did April go? Oh yeah, in a haze of anxiety inside my house… Do you find yourself saying, “how are you?” and realizing that’s a ridiculous frakking question right now? Here are some alternatives as our social rituals are changing. I can’t imagine giving a traditional final exam this week. So, I was…

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  • Quickiestwo photos of little black dog

    Quickies: Writing, Teachers, Superheroes, and Glorious Impeachment…

    Spooky season is over as we head straight into November today. Anyone geared up for NaNoWriMo? Personally, I’m taking on on #AcWriMo with the goal of getting a paper draft done this month. While also running the senior thesis writing seminar! So, with a wordy month ahead, I might be a little less wordy on here. Here are some of…

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  • Skepticism

    Stranger Things, for Wimps

    My name is Julia Burke, and I have a scary movie problem. I think. I’ve never actually seen one all the way through. In 2005 I made it through about thirty minutes of House of Wax, which seemed too goofy to be actually scary and featured Dean from Gilmore Girls, before leaving the theater early to spend the rest of…

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  • Parenting

    Cross-Post: Muppet With Autism Makes Anti-vaxxers Lose Their Shit

    Editor’s Note: This cross-post was written by Deek and originally featured on Grounded Parents. If you thought anti-vaxxers couldn’t get worse before now, you are wrong.  ****** I guess it was bound to happen. Sesame Street introduces a new character who has autism as part of a larger campaign, and anti-vaccine advocates are up in arms. But, unsurprisingly, when you look at…

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  • Activism

    The Highlander Rule of PoCs

    There’s been a long acknowledged rule when it comes to people of color (PoCs) being involved in things. “Things”? What kind of “things”? How about the boards of tech companies? Darold Cuba states in The Loud Fight Against Silicon Valley’s Quiet Racism that “Just three companies—Microsoft, Oracle and—have a black or Hispanic person on their boards.” Emphasis totally added, y’all. The Chemical…

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  • Events

    Chemist on TV show NOT about meth

    OUTRAGEOUS!!! Literally. The TV show is called Outrageous Acts of Science and I am the chemist!   #OutrageousActs is a Science Channel show, described as below: Science Channel’s fast-paced countdown series OUTRAGEOUS ACTS OF SCIENCE is back with more mind-boggling experiments, extraordinary inventions and jaw-dropping scientific stunts. All across the internet, self-appointed scientists are filming their outrageous experiments and misadventures. Our team…

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  • FeminismJane the Virgin Poster

    Jane the Virgin May be the Most Progressive Show on Television

    It may seem unlikely that a telenovela adaptation about a 23-year-old virgin by choice who was accidentally artificially inseminated by her soon-to-be baby daddy’s gynecologist sister would be a bastion of progressive ideas, but with every new episode this show surprises me more in its adept handling of issues of culture, family and sexuality. As a quick warning, this post…

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  • New Vlog Post: The Personal & The Skeptical

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