• Anti-Science

    Tampons & Transparency

    In November 2013, the non-profit organization Women’s Voices for Earth (WVE) issued a report titled ‘Chem Fatale‘ with a subtitle that explained the report’s contents – ‘Potential health effects of toxic chemicals in feminine care products’.  By late December 2013, Salon, Jezebel, and the Daily Mail had articles online, each with headlines basically saying tampons were tubes of toxins and all citing Chem Fatale.  A…

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  • Science

    Ask Surly Amy: Epsom Salt Soaks

    Surly Amy is currently trapped in the cube-like horror under her cousin’s cabin, fighting off either lamprey ballerinas, pain-worshipping redneck zombies, or unicorns. In the meantime, Mary volunteered to answer her mailbag while she is gone. Don’t fret, she’ll be back shortly! Hi, Amy. My husband recently developed an ingrown toenail with a pretty gnarly infection. We went to the…

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