• Sciencetoast shaped like a skull

    Cross-Post: Losing My Religion: A Review of The Gluten Lie

    Editor’s Note: This cross-post originally appeared on Grounded Parents and is written by Jenny Splitter ***** Two topics always seem to inspire a robust conversation on my Facebook feed — diet and religion. I’m conflicted on both topics — I’m an atheist Jew who has, at various times, eaten clean, low fat, carb free and out of a garbage can (that…

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  • Skepticism

    Toxic Wine! A Case of Arsenic

    I emerged from SkepchickCon at ChiFi to find the world’s cheap wine drinkers in an uproar over recent findings that certain cheap wines contain arsenic. A class-action lawsuit has been filed against 28 wineries, including Charles Shaw (the makers of Two-Buck Chuck), claiming the wines contain trace amounts of arsenic. Since then, wineries have begun to dispute the claims, saying…

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