The Skeptic Next Door

  • The Skeptic Next Door: Carrie Poppy

    This week I bring you a fascinating discussion with an animal rights activist from my little Los Angeles neighborhood. Carrie Poppy is lovely, insightful, entertaining AND she even shares a kick-ass recipe! This interview has it all. Enjoy! I first met you at an atheist convention in Los Angeles. Were you raised an atheist or did you become an atheist…

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  • The Skeptic Next Door: Tawnya Mendonsa

    I am happy to bring you another edition of, The Skeptic Next Door! This edition brings you a lovely and crafty skeptic I discovered while out stalking a.real.girl at a drinking Skepchickally in San Diego. Allow me introduce the awesomeness of, Tawnya Mendonsa! Click below to read the interview. 1. What first got you interested in the skeptical movement? I’ve always…

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  • The Skeptic Next Door: Sherri Andrews

    Welcome to another edition of The Skeptic Next Door where we introduce you to some of the hidden gems in the wonderful world of skepticism. In this edition I bring you an interview with a woman who finds plenty of gems on her own time. Sherri Andrews is fascinating and very active in science and in skepticism. It is almost…

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