The Skeptic Next Door

  • The Skeptic Next Door: Carrie Poppy

    This week I bring you a fascinating discussion with an animal rights activist from my little Los Angeles neighborhood. Carrie Poppy is lovely, insightful, entertaining AND she even shares a kick-ass recipe! This interview has it all. Enjoy!

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  • The Skeptic Next Door: Tawnya Mendonsa

    I am happy to bring you another edition of, The Skeptic Next Door! This edition brings you a lovely and crafty skeptic I discovered while out stalking a.real.girl at a drinking Skepchickally in San Diego. Allow me introduce the awesomeness of, Tawnya Mendonsa! Click below to read the interview.

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  • The Skeptic Next Door: Sherri Andrews

    Welcome to another edition of The Skeptic Next Door where we introduce you to some of the hidden gems in the wonderful world of skepticism. In this edition I bring you an interview with a woman who finds plenty of gems on her own time. Sherri Andrews is fascinating and very active in science and in skepticism. It is almost…

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