• Regen Traynor and the Testing of Paranormal Claims

    I am a member of the IIG, a volunteer-run organization based out of The Center for Inquiry in Los Angeles, California. The IIG investigates fringe science, paranormal activity and extraordinary claims from a scientific viewpoint. I am a rather new member as I have only actively participated in the group for just under a year. I am quite fond of…

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  • Idiots Pretend to Do Science, Get Fooled by Magician

    I know many of you reading this are working scientists, and so of course you’re familiar with the famed medical journal, International Journal of Yoga. For those of you who don’t subscribe, you’ll be excited to learn that IJOY has just published this solid, peer-reviewed paper called Investigating paranormal phenomena: Functional brain imaging of telepathy. Better yet, it’s available online!…

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