TAM London

  • TAM London Interviews Now Live

    Check out the Skepchick Podcast on iTunes, below, or elsewhere for more TAM London interviews, including Phil Plait, Chris French, Christina Martin, Simon Singh, Jon Ronson, Joel Ronson, Adam Savage, Bruce Hood, Gia Milinovich, Chris Cox, Sid Rodrigues, Jane Goldman, Richard Wiseman, Tracy King, and Iszi Lawrence. Listen to the Enhanced Podcast (m4a) Listen to the Un-enhanced Podcast (mp3) Listen…

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  • TAM London Wrap-up and Audio with Tim Minchin

    I think TAM London can be best summed up by the final night, just after I finished The Amaz!ng Panel with George Hrab, Tim Farley, Neil Denny, Andy Lewis, and Martin Robbins. As people were leaving the venue and heading out to the bar, I asked fellow Skepchick Tracy King if I could have the last caramel KitKat at the…

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  • Brittania Rules!

    Brits are making me proud at the moment. No, not because the members of our government have been fiddling their expenses (while we have a Royal Family, I can’t bring myself to care about some politician claiming for moat-cleaning. Drop, ocean). It’s because of YOU LOT. Skeptics. Actually, that’s ‘us lot’ because I’m one of ’em. These past few weeks…

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  • Breaking news: TAM London announced

    Just a very quick plug for the hot-off-the-press news that The Amaz!ng Meeting is coming (or in the case of many of you, going) to London on 3rd and 4th October this year. TAM London will have a spectacular line-up (trust me) of speakers and entertainers, headed by James Randi and Phil Plait. More details within a few weeks but…

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