• Activism

    I love Science at SkepchickCon

    I love science and you can help others fall in love too! If you just want to donate or “add your name to the hat” scroll past all the words to the photos of the colorful I Love Science hearts! I love science. I mean it, I really do. Science teaches us about our place in the universe. Science helps…

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  • Events

    Skepchick Auctions: Choose-Your-Own Surly

    Cross-posted with Skepchick Events. This week, as a part of our SkepchickCon fundraising, we are auctioning a Surlyramics necklace or earrings set, donated by the one and only Surly Amy. All proceeds go toward supplies and informational materials for science and art education and outreach as well as travel expenses for the experts we’re bringing to SkepchickCon. The winning bidder…

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  • Random Asides

    Ask Surly Amy: Why Not So Surly?

    I met you at TAM and as far as I can tell you aren’t surly. You don’t fit any of these definitions. So why do you call yourself Surly Amy? -Laika I get asked this a lot so here is the history on how I got that nickname. Not much science or skepticism involved in this tale, just some good-old…

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  • SurlyRamics and Topless chicks!

    What’s stopping you from buying SurlyRamics right now? Is it because the jewelry doesn’t come with enough photos of topless Skepchicks? If it is, then oh man do I have a deal for you! Right now, we’re auctioning off two more SurlyRamics necklaces by our in-house jeweler, Surly Amy and these ones come with autographed pictures of that Skepchick from…

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